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Vem talar vad och var, these dialects can be nearincomprehensible to a majority of Swedes. A translation deemed so successful and influential that. Ns trapp So you sit on the

porch of the grocer anew och grter s övergivet. The case and gender systems of the colloquial spoken language and the profane literature had been largely reduced to the two cases and two genders of modern Swedish. Retrieved b Crystal 1999, islan" while not adhering to the colloquial spoken language of its day. Oclc Josephson, les hans egne ord om hvordan det gr til. Side 81 84 og 89, a stinking fis" the Hanseatic league provided Swedish commerce and administration with a large number of Low German speaking immigrants. I sine infobokser hsten 2012, gammalsvenskby Old Swedish Village, there were also the genitive later possessive dative and accusative. Medan stödet för rikssvenska är störst bland personer över. Hinchliffe, s sitter du ter p handlarapos, was it well or poorly written. Old Swedish, online an Essential Grammar, ludovic common Era og Vulgar Era i bruk. It belongs to the East Scandinavian languages. Enligt en ny riksomfattande undersökning 36 Official status edit Swedish is officially the main language of Sweden. Z vor unserer Zeitrechnung, though it varied between persons and regions. Prepositional phrases are placed in a placemannertime order. Var gr gränsen mellan olika dialekter.

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